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I'm listening to the latest episode of the podcast Comedy and Everything Else, a show which I have found entertaining for quite a while. And then I hear this shit:

Comedian Mike Siegel: Can I say my favorite Rich Brown joke? [...]
"Yeah, I got a girlfriend. She's a big gal. I met her in the circus. She was the World's Fattest Woman, and I was the Guy Who Would Fuck Anything."

Comedian Jimmy Dore: She was so fat, she had a blowhole in the top of her head. Not that I ever took advantage. Well, once.

Ha ha ha! Do you get it? The first joke is that it would take a Guy Who Would Fuck Anything to fuck a very fat woman, with a bonus joke that she's actually a thing and not a person. And then we establish that the thing she is, is a big fat whale! But don't worry, whether woman, thing, or whale, we men will still lower ourselves to fucking it.

Deleting the episode. Deleting my subscription. I would tell them all this on their website, but I really doubt it would do any good, and I would get 500 responses of "can't you take a joke" and I would just want to break things in my rage.
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