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Someone posts something on the Internet. Two or three people point out that they find the thing posted to be somewhat sexist. Thirty or forty people reply to say that the two or three people are wrong, or that it's not that bad, or why don't you lighten up anyway, or it's just a THING ON THE INTERNET, or women are actually like that ANYWAY.


Is there any decent chance that the thing posted actually isn't that sexist?



(I originally read the comments at the above link before I could view the video. So that's where this idea came from. Behind the scenes!)
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I want to become Supr Blogr one day, but for the moment, alls I got is (TRIGGER WARNING) this from comedian Doug Benson. At last count, that tweet has received 1 expression of disgust, and 8 retweets.

Dear comedians: I want to like you. It is in your job description for me to find myself liking you, and the things you say and write. Please stop being unthinking asses who cannot comprehend that jokes predicated on rape being funny are bad because RAPE IS A FUCKING HORRIBLE THING AND THEREFORE NOT FUNNY. Thanks.
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Person 1: "Fat people are unhealthy! Yuck!"

Person 2: "Many fat people are actually not unhealthy at all! Not yuck!"

Me, in a quiet voice: "Am I allowed to be fat *and* unhealthy and still not get a 'yuck!'?

(Me EXITs, eating a Hot Pocket.)
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A friend pointed out to me that it might be more useful, rather than just deleting podcasts and such and ranting on the Internet about it, that I at least try to address the folks behind these things first.

So, my Christmas resolution is to be willing to give some of these shows another chance ... and also to be willing to stand up and say "you were sexist/racist/etc. in this week's episode and here's how" directly to the people involved.

This may well be me trying to find a justification for not having to stop enjoying things that are problematic. But I still can't decide whether it is or not, so I'm going to press forward and possibly make a fool of myself. Godspeed, as they say.

EDIT: Have sent one e-mail, to the podcaster that I feel might be the most open to my criticism. We shall see. (Assuming anything happens at all.)
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(Crossposted to LJ.)

So, I just got around to watching that epic 70-minute-long review of The Phantom Menace that everyone's been raving about. And I get 17 minutes in, to discover that the reviewer expects me to find it amusing that his narrator "character" has TRIGGER WARNING )

I find this sort of thing CRITICAL NEED-TO-KNOW INFORMATION when being presented with a YouTube video.

So, if you haven't seen it yet, I strongly strongly advise against it. I feel sick.


Dec. 17th, 2009 05:04 am
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Have now had to stop listening to both Comedy Death Ray Radio[1] and Marc Maron's WTFPodcast[2]. Maybe Nick Kroll can come on Never Not Funny and do a Charlie Chan impression, so I can get all comedy podcasts out of my life forever. (I actually cut NNF too much slack already, since I've loved it for so long and pay money for it.)


[1] White person playing a black character: can be problematic, but doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a disaster. White person then proceeding to say the N-word: oh f*ck no.

[2] You say "retarded", and I cringe. Then you start talking about why it's wrong, and I actually feel hope. Then you keep saying it anyway, and I delete.
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I'm listening to the latest episode of the podcast Comedy and Everything Else, a show which I have found entertaining for quite a while. And then I hear this shit:

Warning: Hateful fat-woman "jokes" under the cut )

Deleting the episode. Deleting my subscription. I would tell them all this on their website, but I really doubt it would do any good, and I would get 500 responses of "can't you take a joke" and I would just want to break things in my rage.


Sep. 27th, 2009 08:44 pm
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Trigger warning--what I'm linking to involves someone's opinion of the Roman Polanski arrest.

I find this to be fucked up. Specifically, the beginning and end of the second paragraph, and the end of the third paragraph (which is a joke that I get, but still).

Am I wrong?

(Also posted in my LJ. But this is the kind of crap I've really been thinking of using my DW account to talk about.)
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1) I continue to kick around the idea of using this account as a *clears throat* "Blog of Importance". Basically, I would post here about stuff that I don't think my LJ flist would necessarily want to read about just because they're following me. (Not that I wouldn't want them to read it if they're interested, of course.) I have polarizing interests! Fear me.

2) My third-party solution for getting LJ entries to display functionally in Google Reader seems to have just added Dreamwidth. Yaaaaaaay! This means I can finally start getting my RSS on w/r/t DW journals. This is very good.


May. 1st, 2009 03:48 pm
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Just putting something here to put something here. I am the same me as on LiveJournal.
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